Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

Dangerous Bernie “THE ILLUSIONIST “

Bernie  Sander 2020 Campaign Speech

Bernie Sanders throws his hat into the ring AGAIN!!! as a Democratic candidate in the 2020 Presidential election race. Although he is not a Democrat but a self-described Socialist, he even honeymooned in Russia (if he’s a true socialist-why didn’t he stay there?). A socialist who knows full well that his platform is the making of poverty, death, and destruction. History has already shown us this – look at Cuba, Cambodia, E. Germany, USSR and now Venezuela. Socialism is ugly, disgusting and does not work.

For this election cycle Bernie will have to reinvent himself. In the last campaign he was the grandfather figure, the uncle you loved, that looked a little goofy with his wild hair blowing in the wind (back to the future?) and his casual dress like I am one of you. His campaign speech in 2016 promoted Economic Socialism, fighting to break up the greed of Large Banks and Wall Street – was his reasons for America’s decline. He ran an old fashion campaign, with no appeal for special interest groups, a call for national unity and no one left behind.

What he never mentioned in his 2016 speech was racism, sexism or abortion, nor did he speak about immigration or non-citizens, he was running for all Americans whether you agree with him or not.

Bernie is now pushing 80 (you think he would have learned something by now) and Modern Democrats are all about Identity Politics. So what is IDENTITY POLITICS – it’s the idea that you’re favored by the accident birth, it doesn’t matter what you do or who you are. You are either favored, blamed or punished. What matters is WHO you are GENETICALLY.

As an example, we could look back about 6 months ago to the Brett Kavanaugh hearing, where all MSM rhetoric was about 11 OLD WHITE MEN and their privileged class. Whilst Bernie cannot change his genetic make up, he can embrace the PROGRESSIVE democratic Party’s Identity Politics which he created 3 years ago.

Now we get to Bernie’s campaign speech on Monday which was all about transforming our country and creating a new government based on his principals of economic, social, racial and environmental justice. About eliminating racism, sexism, homophobia and religious bigotry and all forms of discrimination. THIS IS THE NEW BERNIE – EMBRACING THE RADICAL LEFTS IDENTITY POLITICS.  

Instead of saving us from the Predatory Global Capitalists he is now going to save us from Donald Trump the racist billionaire (as per democrat propaganda). Well, once again old Bernie’s in cloud cuckoo land, the real problem in America today is the growing economic divide between America’s poor and shrinking middle class – a situation that the democrats are actively promoting, but don’t want to talk about.

Identity Politics is a cynical tactic, a deliberate ploy to prevent meaningful debate or any conversation with the ”white ruling class”. Bernie said and I quote : “Donald Trump is the most dangerous President in History: and that the Billionaire Howard Schultz is blackmailing the democrat party so that a candidate from the center will most likely win the nomination”.

But Bernie is EXTREMELY dangerous – he has mastered his persona and his policies of free Medicare for all, Free college or State university and a $15 dollar minimum wage appeal to the young, the under 30’s – the most liberal element of any society. However, apart from taxing the rich Bernie NEVER explains who will pay for his ideas – because socialism does not work (that’s why he didn’t stay in Russia). Nobody will hang around to be taxed into extinction. Bernie is far more likely to disadvantage the very people he purports to help. Thus, Bernie the pseudo-socialist retains his three properties and PREYS on the most downtrodden and disadvantaged of society. With his socialist rhetoric Bernie and the Progressive wing of the Democrat party are like ILLUSIONISTS, advocating UTOPIA, but instead preying on the poor and under-educated working class of our society in order to transform America into a socialist state. They need as many poor under privileged people as possible, that is why they advocate open borders, allowing mass illegal immigration into America which currently is and will continue to over-burden the welfare system, this way they can tax the rich more and destroy the middle class. Add to this CLIMATE CHANGE the NEW GREEN DEAL and we the American people become INDENTURED SERVANTS to the government, never able to pay off our debt or to own any property, a perpetual contact where we loose all for are freedoms, never able to escape or be released from our contract, Government would own everything and who controls the government controls the people – even Russia has given up on this – perhaps Mueller should start a new investigation.