Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

Democrat “Political Theater”another SCAM

“Political Theater another SCAM by the Democrats.

Democrat Political Theater: Wednesday the House Judiciary Committee voted 24-17 to authorize a subpoena compelling AG William Barr to turn over special counsel Robert Mueller’s “full and unredacted” report.

SCAM: Therefore today we witnessed pure Political Theater. Another farce from the Democrats and Nadler to sow the seeds of a coverup. They are trying to suggest that the AG office, Mueller and the two-plus years of investigation should be discredited. Despite knowing that they have
NO legal rights to the full report. Nadler even went as far to suggested that if he didn’t get what he wanted he would take it to the Supreme Court. LAUGHABLE everyone knows the Supreme Court would never hear such a case.

AG Barr suddenly has already promised to deliver an extended report to the committee by mid-April and to testify publicly to the committee about the findings in the report on May 1. But despite waiting almost 2 years for the Mueller report suddenly Nadler (must have) the full report immediately. suggesting a coverup and collusion between BARR and TRUMP.

After the vote Nadler said that he would give Barr “time to change his mind,” but that the subpoena would be served if he does not voluntarily comply.

“This committee requires the full report and the underlying materials because it is our job, not the attorney general’s to determine whether or not President Trump has abused his office. We require the report because one day, one way or another, the country will move on from President Trump. We must make it harder for future presidents to behave in this way.”

Ranking member Doug Collins (R-Ga.) slammed the Democrats’ efforts to subpoena the report as “political theatre “The attorney general’s entire mandate is to enforce the law and he’s expressly forbidden from providing grand jury material outside of the department, with very limited and narrow exceptions. Congress is not one of those exceptions, and the chairman knows it.

So what’s next: A long and drawn out court fight and a lot of wasted time and money, for POLITICAL positioning to suggest some type of cover up and collusion.