Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

Democrats blocking ‘Born Alive’ Bill: ‘Disgusting’

DEMO-RATS! BLOCK ‘BORN ALIVE‘ BILL TO PROVIDE MEDICAL CARE TO INFANTS WHO SURVIVE FAILED ABORTIONS! They are the Party of Abortion and the Party of Infanticide. Meghan McCain on “The View” – it’s “DISGUSTING”. OH NO! it’s worse than that.

When a child is” born alive” prematurely, everything is done to save them. Most importantly they receive comforting care and are supported until death. Neonatal palliative care is well developed in all hospitals. Demorats don’t care. The situation is very different for those children unfortunate enough to be born alive after an abortion in a Demorat controlled state.

Gov Andrew Cuomo NY, legalized Infanticide

Last month Andrew Cuomo New York Gov. signed a bill, legalizing abortion after 24 weeks (late term abortion) for any reason up to birth. Also non-doctors are allowed to perform them. Abortion activists around him cheered, the AP reports.

Late term abortions, What happens to the baby?

These precious babies are often abandoned to die without care, struggling to breathe, sometimes for several hours. Or they are killed by lethal injection/suffocation, often thrown away with medical waste. The method most often used to perform late abortions is called “dilation-evacuation,” where the cervix is dilated to remove the baby with surgical pliers, often extracted in pieces. NO Meghan this is more the DISGUSTING!

By leaving babies to die without treatment or actively killing them, simply because they are not wanted, is inhumane and totally against their fundamental rights. According to our law, all human beings born alive have the same right to life, to physical integrity and to receive necessary treatment and care, irrespective of the circumstances of their birth – how does that fit with identity politics?

How many babies are born ALIVE?

The British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology – at 23 weeks of pregnancy, 10% of children survive abortion. It concluded that 1 in 30 abortions after 16 weeks gestation resulted in a “born-alive” infant. At 23 weeks gestation, the number reached 9.7%. Most of the time, these babies are left to die without any care, left alone in a room or a closet without even a blanket, .

Just think, England and Wales combined recorded that there were 185,824 abortions in 2015 with 10% born alive.That’s approx 18,582 babies that could have potentially been born alive. Taking into consideration that 1-30 are over 16 weeks that means that in England and Wales approx 620 babies aborted yearly are born alive.

In the United States there are approx. 638,169 babies aborted yearly. Taking into consideration that 1-30 babies over 16 weeks means 191,450 babies could have been BORN alive and would mean that 10% of the babies aborted in the United States, approx. 19,450 babies are killed – this is infanticide.

A premature baby, born during an attempted late term abortion, is a human being. Therefore, this is INFANTICIDE!