Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

Mr. Kellyanne Conway’s 15 Minutes of Fame

Mr. Kellyanne Conway’s Andy Whorl’s 15 Minutes of Fame!

Mr. Kellyanne Conway’s Andy Whorl’s 15 minutes of fame syndrome!

Tweet by President Trump

Mr. Kellyanne has repeatedly tweeted disparaging comments about President Donald Trump . On Wednesday POTUS finally fought back.

Ironically, the accusation made by Mr. Kellyanne seem far more suited to him and his personality than that of he POTUS. I say POTUS is 100% correct Kellyanne’s husband is a “LOSER”, a very jealous man over his wife’s amazing accomplishments. Kellyanne has demonstrated for all to see her steadfast and relentless tribute to all working women and mothers out there.

Mr. Kellyanne on the other hand is the a nobody, and is feeling left out, and wanting his 15 minutes of fame. Here is what Mr Kellyanne tweeted out as the definition of a narcissist. I think if the shoe fits MR. KELLY ANNE is definitely wearing it.

Make no mistake here, if he wasn’t Mr. Kellyanne Conway, his tweets would not have been picked up by the Main Stream Media (MSM), and his 15 minutes of grandiose would not exist.

Kellyanne on the other hand pushed back on her husbands comments and sided with the President.